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    Must I really explain myself to every person who misunderstands me? Is it my fault that they choose to hear things through a grapevine rather than come to me directly? I’m not trying to sound bitter, but I lack the ignorance to waste my time like that. If people want to know something about me, then people should come up and ask me themselves. People need to stop beating around the bush and acting like I don’t know the shit they’re up to. Do I look like a fool? And people need to stop recycling all the bad shit I did in the past like I never grew out of it. Some people are ignorant as fuck ‘cause y’all think that one bad thing gives you a legitimate justification to say I’m never gonna do shit right. Well, you’re wrong, but it’s just too bad you’re naive as fuck. 

    Grow the fuck up. 


  2. Anonymous asked: What kind of camera do you have? I have a Nikon, and every time I post pictures to FB, the quality gets compressed by 80% and it looks super crappy. Do you know if I have to convert it into any file/pixel size to get it clear on FB? Thanks!

    I’m currently shooting with a Canon T3.

    Photos posted on FB usually get more choppy, Facebook is usually the last place you should upload photos to share with others. If you’re really into shooting, invest in a personal portfolio, create a photoblog, or have an premium account on Flickr. In my opinion, any file you convert it to will have it come out the same on FB. But that’s me, let me know if anything works out for you bud!



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  8. I really like doing things I like my way. Why would I want to do things others do, and be less distinctive? 


  9. Independency has its certain extents, as well as dependency does. One human being isn’t always capable of doing every single thing in this world by themselves. From time to time, you’ll need a helping hand to get you through. Knowing that you have help along the way can create motives to keep you going, doing such things by yourself, but if you do depend on your peers often, you will usually grow use to that helping hand. If that help doesn’t succeed, then you’ll be disappointed.

    Sometimes you just need to rely on yourself, so your peers wouldn’t disappoint you. 


  10. Anonymous asked: Hey where could I get a pair of Unbrandeds at a local store?

    I have yet to see Unbranded’s be sold anywhere in stores actually… You can always ask your local Urban Outfitter’s to see if they’re willing to order it online for you, but otherwise, I have no clue! 

    If you happen to be a local in my area (San Jose) or around the Bay, my friend has a pair for sale, sz 28x30, just let me know and we can arrange things. 


  11. Anonymous asked: Just letting you know 60D's and 7D's are on the more advance level of photography. You might just be wasting money. You don't have the fundamentals yet. All of your pictures come out too dark or bright. You don't apply some important rules of photography and always throw it into M mode because that's what all the big kids do. Learn your compistion,f-stop,ISO, and shutter speed before moving into a better body. You're relying way too much on the camera itself and not your own skills.

    Well I mean… I don’t just do photography, nor is it something I want to do full time. I also film for my riding and my friends, that’s the main reason why I’m investing in a 60D. Otherwise, I don’t mind still using what I have right now to continue my process of learning everything. I also know that I still have a long way to go and so many more things to learn. But photos weren’t my main purpose of a new body. I also can’t be relying on my own camera if I use M mode, because you have to actually know what ISO and shutter speed to use, because its a fully manual mode.. But I guess. Thanks though.

    My photos don’t have to be like everyone else’s photo.. It’s just how I want mine to be, you know? Photos are my side thing man. 





  15. Selfiez with Awk-hand Ivy & Duy.